Kimbo Slice to Get Title Shot for Winning the Ultimate Fighter season 10?

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With the big news that Kimbo Slice is set to appear on the upcoming Ultimate Fighter season 10 all these rumors are starting to fly online. The biggest one out there right now is that supposedly if Kimbo Slice wins the Ultimate Fighter season 10 that he would get a title shot against the winner of Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir. I can honestly say that this probably has a .0001% chance of ever happening in the UFC.

This isn’t the way the UFC works and treats fighters. Now granted that Brock Lesnar got a title shot for going 1-1 in his first two fights he still beat a very solid veteran in Heath Herring. It wouldn’t shock me to see Kimbo only being a fight or two away from a title shot should he win the show. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here though folks because there are some pretty good upcoming fighters rumored for the cast on the Ultimate Fighter season 10.

I wouldn’t consider Kimbo Slice a lock to win the Ultimate Fighter season 10 by any means. He has shown against Seth Petruzelli that he can be put down with strikes and his wrestling and ground game were exposed by James Thompson a very mediocre fighter. Several of the guys rumored to be on the Ultimate Fighter season 10 cast fought and dominated James Thompson. That’s a man that Kimbo Slice struggled against in the EliteXC.

So to wrap things up will Kimbo Slice get a title shot for winning the Ultimate Fighter season 10? Nope. It’s extremely extremely doubtful in my opinion. I honestly don’t even think he will make it to the finale of the show. But we will find out in a couple months.


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