MTV’s Eminem-Bruno Stunt Was Staged

This much is for certain: Cohen’s “Bruno” alter ego landing in Eminem’s lap was a prearranged stunt. “There’s no way it was an accident,” an industry insider who was seated a few rows in front of Eminem tells “You don’t let two stars collide without a detailed plan.”

For starters, Bruno’s airborne entrance was purposely detoured by speakers that were lowered into his path during the previous commercial break. That bit of equipment manipulation — coupled with the director’s cut to Eminem several seconds before Bruno’s “fall” — is what our spy calls “the smoking gun.”

What about the appearance that tensions escalated when Cohen thrust his bare derriere in Eminem’s face? While a spokesperson for the recording artist has not responded to a request for comment, our witness strongly suspects his expletive-filled outburst was all for show. (Lest anyone forget, Eminem did collect the occasional accolade for his acting debut in the semibiographical 2002 film 8 Mile.)

“Everyone was laughing about it during the next break,” says our source, “especially the MTV staffers.”

And while it is true that Eminem, after “storming out” in disgust, never returned to his seat, that was the M.O. of many a star who shone at the awards show.

“Most of the big celebs came, did their thing and left,” reports our onlooker.

MTV reps declined to comment on the incident.

I know for one thing that it sure didn’t seem real to me or to any of my friends.  What about you guys out there, what do you think… real or not?

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