Final Fintasy 14 (XIV) Revealed!

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Final Fantasy XIV Online RPG Slated for 2010 Release

 The 14th chapter of the popular Final Fantasy role-playing series is due out next year for the PlayStation 3. Unlike Final Fantasy XIII, which is also slated for a 2010 release, XIV will be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).

Video game company Square Enix has not released details about Final Fantasy XIV, but a trailer of the game was shown Tuesday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Subsequently, Square Enix launched a teaser site for the game, where fans can watch the video.

Final Fantasy XIV appears to take place in medieval times including Chocobos and airships, similar to the setting in Final Fantasy XII.

Square Enix’s first online Final Fantasy title was Final Fantasy XI, which was available for Windows PCs and PlayStation 2. Final Fantasy XIV will be exclusive to the PS3.

See more images of Final Fantasy XIV below the jump.

Final Fantasy 14 is going to be huge.  As for the Playstation 3…

Yes, Final Fantasy 13 isn’t out yet, but that’s not stopped Square Enix from going right on ahead and announcing the next one, Final Fantasy 14. This time, it’s online, and only available on the PS3 when it launches next year.

 We just saw a brief video of Final Fantasy 14 at the Sony keynote, and while we don’t know much yet, the graphics are dazzling, and the setting seems FFVII -esque with beautiful rolling scenery.

One thing we do know is that Final Fantasy 14 will be online, just like 11 (or XI, however you like to denote these things). That, and it’ll only be available on the Sony PS3, at least when it launches next year.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there will be chocobos.


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