Trust and the Double Glazing Salesperson – How to Beat Larger Competitors

When I bought my current house, I planned to get double glazing as soon as possible. Call me a wimp, but I hate being cold – and I hate paying huge bills for heating my property. So you could say that I was already well and truly pre-sold – a dream for every double glazing salesperson in the area. Or so you’d think.

On top of that there seemed to be a nest of salespeople nearby. Hardly a day passed without somebody knocking at my door, trying to sell me double glazing. And a conservatory. While the going was good.

However, the company I selected to actually install my double glazing was one that never sent anybody round to try to sell me. It was the company that sent me a small booklet by mail, “All you need to know about double glazing”. The difference between this brochure and the sales literature the various salespeople had left with me was that this one contained unbiased, useful facts and advice about double glazing. Not a sales pitch in sight. And that’s what made the difference.

Nobody likes the idea of being sold. Many people will react to a sales pitch with deep distrust, especially if the salesperson is very aggressive. Be honest – how annoyed were you the last time somebody knocked on your door and tried to sell you something? And still many large companies will adopt just this approach.

And that’s where a smaller company can step in. Instead of trying to sell your product, concentrate on building a relationship with your prospective customers. Establish trust. If yours is the only company that is considered trustworthy, who do you think is going to get the business? The people who send teenagers around to try and push a sale? Yeah, sure.

And the best thing is that building trust doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In my case, all it took was one well-written booklet. Other great ways of building a reputation as a trustworthy business partner include:

  • An article in your local paper.  An article about your company is a wonderful trust builder, increases your professional visibility, and, unlike an ad, won’t cost you a penny.
  • A free initial consultation. Invite people to come round for a talk, with no obligation to them. Give them a chance to get to know the person behind the company, the human face. It’s much easier to trust a person than a faceless business.
  • A free newsletter. The perfect way of keeping in touch with prospective clients. But beware – only do this if you’re certain that you can write useful and interesting content for each and every issue, so take care to decide on a realistic schedule.

And, of course, the single most effective way of building trust: Satisfied clients. Recommendations from customers who think that you’ve given your best to produce outstanding results are pure gold dust. Cultivate a good relationship with past clients to get plenty of business in the future.

Do some of these things, and you’ll find it much easier to get business even if you’re facing stiff competition. Here’s to your success!

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