Salmon with delicious sauce

This recipe serves 2. The most important thing is to prepare the sauce in a way it will be delicious. Following the instructions one will get the incredible sauce. The recipe is not very difficult for preparation. The time for preparing it is about 30-40 minutes.


2x 200 gr salmon

For the sauce:

200 gr blue plums

200 ml water

1 table spoon sugar

5 table spoons vermouth ( wine flavored with herbs and spices)

1 table spoon vinegar

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


For the decoration:

1 mango (cleaned and finely chopped)

1 orange (cleaned and finely chopped into slices)

1 kiwi (cleaned and finely chopped)

1 stick green onion (cleaned and finely chopped)

1 pinch of chilly

2 table spoons lemon juice

Green salad which is prepared as follows:

Lettuce, 2 table spoons olive oil, 1 tea spoon honey, 1 stick green onion and salt to taste are mixed.

Method of preparation:

Prepare the sauce first. It could be done in the following way: First put the cleaned plums into the water and boil them. Then add the vermouth, the vinegar, the salt, the sugar and the pepper. Stir very often. When the mixture boils it is ready to be pressed. All the ingredients should be mixed and prepared with the lemon juice and the salt to taste. The green salad should be chopped into pieces and before serving you have to add the dressing into it. Now it is time for preparing the salmon. Sprinkle salt and pepper onto the salmon. Place some sauce onto it and put the fish into preheated baking pan (190`C). Bake for not more than 10 minutes. Serve the fish with the salad which is poured with the delicious sauce. Decorate the plate. If you prefer you can serve it with baked potatoes, chips or cooked rice. Enjoy the dish with white wine!

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