How To Kiss

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Learning how to kiss is a skill that the vast majority of people will need to learn sometime during their life. It’s all well and good kissing your grandparents on the cheek but how do you prove you’re not an incompetent fool during a passionate encounter with a loved one?

The first step in learning how to kiss is to be ready for the kiss; nobody wants to kiss someone with lips like charcoal and similar smelling breath. Use a lip balm to keep your lips soft, supple and ready to kiss whilst using some mints to keep your breath smelling fresh.

Secondly, after you’re ready to make the kiss, you should flirt. You need to break the ice and feel comfortable with the object of your affections so flirt a little. If they want to kiss you they will probably flirt back and it will put you both at ease with each other.

Take things slowly and don’t try to force the kiss. Kissing is an instinctive thing and you will likely know when the right time to kiss is. Just take it easy and stay relaxed; it will make for a much better outcome.

Obviously, the actually action of the kiss is most important part of learning how to kiss. Lean in slowly, look the other person in the eyes and then slightly tilt your head to one side. If need be, gently use your hands to manoeuvre yourself and/or the other person into a more desirable position (emphasis is on the “gently”!). As you make the kiss, don’t hold your breath but breathe through your nose.

After the kiss, if it feels right, you can always go for another kiss. You could also just hug or hold hands… Do whatever comes naturally to you. There are other types of kiss, such as French kissing but being gentle is essential for a first kiss, you can always experiment later!

The most important part of kissing is that it must be about the kiss. The best kissers are people that live in the moment and concentrate on nothing else but how the kiss feels. Kissing should feel natural and if you just enjoy the kiss, you will quickly find that you kiss on instinct – instantly knowing how to kiss to suit your partner.


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