FlyLady Saved My Home

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Having a clean, neat, decluttered home in today’s society often feels like a dream. With most homes being two income (or often more), there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do more then the bare minimum before falling exhausted into bed each night. With that demand on our time, many of us are struggling not only to clean our homes, but raise our children the way we dreamed, follow our own dreams and goals, and some days even take a deep breath.

Enter FlyLady. I ran across her website years ago, filing it away to look at later. That glorious later when I would have time to actually consider cleaning my house. I didn’t need to hear from yet another person that I was inept. I needed someone to tell me what I was doing wrong, and then tell me how to fix it. I wasn’t ready to admit defeat yet.

About two years ago I ran across an ad for FlyLady, and I remembered how I had run across her site before, so this time I checked it out. I was about to move into my own home, after living with my parents. I also had become a single mother, so this time I was ready to admit defeat. My house was a disaster, I wasn’t getting anywhere in life, something had to give. At this point, what was the worst that could happen?

You might get discouraged if you look at FlyLady’s 31 Babysteps. I know I did. Step One is to shine your sink. It doesn’t seem very helpful at first glance, but I was amazed at the difference it made. That one small area made me feel as if I could get things under control, and that I could take on the world. Silly to think that a sink could cause such feelings, but try it and you’ll understand. Its like a little oasis of calm in otherwise chaotic surroundings.

No matter how clean or messy your home is, FlyLady can help. The basics of her plan are routines and 15 minutes. The main goal is Finally Loving Yourself, and finding more time to do what you want to do. Everyone can benefit from FLYLady. Its about life, not just housework and having a clean house. But if you need help cleaning, FlyLady will do that too. My house has never looked better, and I have time to write, which is my passion in life. Things aren’t perfect, but they are coming along nicely. And I couldn’t have done it without FlyLady!

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