How many calories do you need

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Understanding how calories work can help you lose weight. Do you know your calories requirement? Do you read the foodgrey_loader.gif label on your food? When you count calories and read food label, you can control your weight better. If you eat more than your requirement then you will gain weight. If you eat less than your requirement then you will lose weight. If you work out and use most of your calories than you will also lose weight. If you sit around a lot then you won’t get rid of the calories that you’ve accumulated.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories required for common body metabolism. You need calories to support  heart beat, breathing, and maintaining body temperature.

How to calculate BMR

Adult males can take their body weight and multiply it by ten. They can then add that to two times the body weight. For example, a 100lbs man will have a 1,200 calories requirement. The equation is as follow: 100×10=1000

1000 + (2×100)=1200cal/day

Adult females

The adult females need less calories than the adult males. It’s done by multiplying the weight by 10 and then add the body weight to that value. For example, a 100lbs woman calories requirement is 1,120 cal/day.

100lbs x10= 1,000

1,000 + 120=1,120 cal/day

Your calories can also be burn when you excercise. A small number of calories is burned when you need to digest food. The more you move the more you can eat.


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