Should you follow the high proteins diet?

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What are proteins and do they help you lose weight? Proteins are required in order for your body to function and nourish itself. Proteins are necessary for healthy hair and nails. Proteins are the building blocks for your cells. You need proteins but not a high amount of it. The Atkins diet may suggest you to eat all proteins. Proteins can help build muscle cells and muscle can help burn calories. If the proteins are from saturated fat, you can clog your arteries which might increase your chance of getting heart diseases. The low carbohydrate plan does not include ruits and vegetables. You can lose these essential nutrients that are important for fighting diseases.

People who eat a high protein diet might have lower craving. They feel full faster which lead to less intake of food and that can help with weight loss. A diet high in fat and carbohydrates do not help you feel full like a diet high in proteins. People would eat more when they’re eating fat or carbohydrates and that can make them gain weight. Proteins are not stored in the body like how carbohydrates are stored as fat. This is why you won’t gain additional fat by eating proteins. Proteins can be converted to glucose but it takes much more energy to do it. Carbohydrates get converted to fat right away if your body doesn’t use it for energy. It’s wise to consume less carbohydrates even if you choose to eat a normal diet instead of a protein diet. Protein diet can help increase weight loss because fat is use for energy instead of carbohydrates. It can be helpful but it might lose effectiveness after six months. People might not follow the diet after six months. They might return to eating carbohydrates.


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