How to take care of your teeth

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Teeth are important and it’s costly to fix them. If you take the time to care for it every single day, you won’t have to spend a lot of money fixing it later. If you don’t brush daily, you can end up with a cavity. You can also get bacterial infection if you don’t brush regularly or if you eat too much sugar. What do you need to do?

Brush daily and at the end of the night

You have to brush every morning and every night. If you forget to brush, you will end up with a cavity or an infection soon because you allow bacteria to feed on the food and sugar that are stuck to your teeth. You should brush every single night because when you sleep, the bacteria has 12 hours to work on the food and sugar stuck to your teeth and you can wake up with an infection. You can also brush at every lunch time.

Use anti-bacterial mouthwash

Anti-bacterial mouthwash will help you so much. It’ll help get rid of bacteria in your mouth. You can buy scope or other brands from the drug store. You should use it every morning and every night to get rid of the bacteria in your mouth.

Floss daily

If you floss daily, it can get rid of bacteria and food that are stuck to your teeth. If you leave it in your teeth, you can get infections and cavities. You can get a toothache too. You should buy floss and leave them in your bathroom cabinet.

Avoid sugary food

Sugary food will have a lot of sugar in it which can give bacteria more food. Bacteria feed on sugar. You can get cavities that way.

Citrus food

Citrus food can be harsh on your teeth enamel. It can wear the enamel away.

Avoid hard bones

If you chew hard bones, you can break your tooth if they’re sensitive. You should avoid hard bones and throw them away instead of chewing on them.

Get a checkup

You should get a checkup every other month to fix any problem that you might have.

Get broken teeth fix

You should fix any broken teeth so it doesn’t break more and it could give you a better appearance. They can put in a cap to make it look better and stronger.


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