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Yesterday I was called for jury selection. To my disappointment I was not selected to sit on a Jury. I don’t think attorneys like my legal assistant back ground, as I have never been chosen to be on a jury.

I unlike many people, would love to serve.

Not only do I feel it is our civic duty to be a juror, but I think the experience would be interesting as well as educational. For most Americans this is the best way for us to get an in depth look at how our legal system really works.

For those of you who are hesitant to serve as a juror or who will go to any length to avoid jury duty consider the following.

If you were accused of some crime that could take away your freedom who you really prefer to leave you fate in the hands of a single person, the Judge? Without a jury that is willing to sit and hear the facts of your particular case that would be who would be left to decide your quilt or innocence.

While I know that most judges have extensive legal expertise, I also know that like any human being that are subject to their own prejudicial feelings. With a jury of 6 or 12 people, you have a chance of winning at least one or two over to your side. The less people hearing the facts of your case, the less chance you have in the outcome being in your favor. With a juror of one you have a fifty/ fifty chance of being found innocent. The more people deciding your fate, the better your odds are for swinging a vote in your favor.

While none of us ever plan on being in a situation where our freedom could be in the hands of other people, it could conceivably happen. If it did would you want a reluctant person deciding you fate, or would you rather have someone who was willing to listen with an open mind.

It is only human nature to let others do those tasks which we feel are distasteful. But what happens if no one is willing to do those tasks? We would become a society of vigilante justice, and never have the opportunity to defend ourselves if we are accused.

Neither would we have the opportunity to have a wrong that is done to us righted. If it weren’t for juries we could not get reimbursed for injuries done to us on the job if the employer refused to pay. We could never recover lost revenue if a renter skipped out. We could never get back or get reimbursed for stolen property.

So the next time you are called for jury selection ask yourself if you were in the shoes of the defendant or the plaintiff, if you would want everyone present to use every trick in the book to avoid jury duty or if you would want someone to step up and listen to the facts, and perhaps right the wrong that was done to you.


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