The Developement of Computers

Since the dawn of time man has dreamt of using machines to autmate and make his life easier.First it was basic machines and inventions; the wheel and then when the inustrial revolution hit more advanced industrial processes. As the 20th century loomed machines with intellingence became a greater target for all scientists working in the field.

After world war 2, in which very early forms of computers were first used, the idea of a comercial computer became apparent. However, research was still in its earliest form and almost nothing compared to now had been acheived. The first great use of a computer was in sending the first rocket into space, considered a super computer at the time, this large machine had the same amount of processing power as a modern day credit card although it was used to single handidly send men out of the earths atmosphere… no mean feat.

In the 70’s the first ever comerically viable computers started to appear on the market. The concept of a “PC” – personal computer was founded and computers would now be on sale for between $500-1000. A price range within reach of most consumers.  However, these basic systems were limited to simple word processing and a few games – pac man etc.

In the 80’s apple brought out their first computer which proved a huge comercial success, windows retaliated with their new OS Windows 3.0 and thus the apple v Microsoft OS war began.

Now computers are powerful enough to think independently and connect with billions others around the globe… in this new technoligcal age, the sky really is the limit for computing.

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