The Pros And Cons Of Dating Online

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So often there is a stigma when you bring up that you are or want to date online.  Though it’s a mainstream form of creating relationships, it’s still red flagged by people who have found their significant other close to home.  Why limit yourself to just one geographical area when there is a whole world of people you could never meet without the internet?  It’s the people that limit their minds to believing that internet dating is weird that should be red flagged.

You get to call the shots online.  You can hide safely behind your computer screen while browsing people to date.  You only have to give them the information you feel safe to give, unlike going to a bar where you expose yourself to everyone in a low lighted area while drinking impairs your judgment.  You barely get to pre-screen people in a bar.  You also give them an opportunity to follow you home.

Online daters do have to deal with the lies people make in their profile.  This is no different than a guy telling you he is an astronaut in a bar.  You can however send them messages using the dating site’s internal messaging system and if they don’t seem to be who you think they are, you can always block them.  Using video chat can even be a better option before physically meeting someone in person because you can see how they are in an intimate conversational setting without the fear of being 2 feet from them.  And, the ability to reject someone is only a click away, eliminating the awkward rejections you come across in person.

Dating online shouldn’t be looked down on.  The world moves to fast now to do traditional dating all the time.  Don’t let people discourage you.  You have billions of options online – literally.


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