My Happiness – Episode 1 – The Girl – Part 2/2

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Aneetha – (to Mozaquir surprisingly) you? But why?
Mozaquir – I just thought we should have a new member in our family!
Aneetha – you just thought?!
Mozaquir – but
Aneetha – (to the party guests) everyone the party is over please leave!
Malini – (whispering) but mother we haven’t given them the delicious sweets.
Aneetha – (whispering) don’t worry we’ll eat it ourselves.

(Imdad, Iqbal and Mozaquir walks beside the window to let the party guests leave)

Aneetha – why did you have to do something like that in front of everyone!?
Mozaquir – well I thought we all together would get a better reputation if many people see me bringing someone new into our family from the orphanage!
Aneetha – didn’t you see the reaction of our guests!
Man2 – we will leave now! She belongs to you!

(man1 and man2 walk to the door)

Aneetha – stop right there!

(Man1 and man2 both stop and face her again)

You two think your going to leave without taking her back?
Man1 – she is yours!
Aneetha – I don’t care! Me and my family don’t accept this girl uniting with the Ali family!
Mozaquir – no she has to stay!
Aneetha – I am the queen of the house so I decide!
Mozaquir – well I am the king of this house and family and the king is always stronger than the queen so I say this girl stays!

(Aneetha opens her mouth to say something but she stops and stares angrily to the girl)

Mozaquir – (walks to the girl) everyone I would like you to meet this girl. (to the girl) tell them what your name is dear.
Thahmin – my name is Thahmin Crueller.
Aneetha – (laughs) wow that is a name girl! Crueller!? What a name!

(everyone laughs except Thahmin and Imdad. Man1 and man2 stare at Aneetha angrily and they leave the house)

Aneetha – (angrily) because of this girl our party has become a mess! I blame her!
Mozaquir – oh please stop it Aneetha!
Aneetha – no I won’t! I don’t know why but I’ve got a feeling that this girl is going to ruin our family!
We lived peacefully until this orphan came from hell!
Mozaquir – (shouts loudly) Aneetha!
Aneetha – whatever it may be, me and my children don’t accept her living in this house! You yourself can take care of her its your responsibility after adopting this girl without mine and the families permission!
Mozaquir – Aneetha
Aneetha – no more now! Its enough!

(Aneetha walks off furiously)

Mozaquir – (to Rakesh) do you accept her?
Rakesh – sorry dad! (looks angrily at Thahmin) because of her our family party has been ruined! Wonder what people are going to say to others out in the world that Mozaquir Ali has adopted a child from an orphanage!

(Rakesh walks off furiously)

Mozaquir – oh come on they’ll say good stuff about our family! (to Malini) do you accept her?
Malini – well I have no objections! Its good to have someone new in the family!

(Mozaquir smiles)

(to Rakesh) see even your own wife understands more than you!

(slowly everyone start walking off to different directions except Imdad who is standing near the front door)

Mozaquir – (to Imdad) do you have a problem that she is going to live with us?
Imdad – (happily) no of course not! I think its great that we have someone new with us here in our house.
Mozaquir – (he hugs Imdad) thanks son! Looks like you and Malini are the only ones who don’t have a problem with her being here! Why don’t you introduce yourself to Thahmin!
Imdad – yeah of course! (walks to Thahmin shyly and puts his right hand out for a shake hand with Thahmin) hi my name is Imdad Ali

(Thahmin smiles and they both shake hands)

Thahmin – hi my name is Thahmin Crueller as you already know! But their is one thing i would like to see which i never have seen before.
Imdad – and what’s that?
Thahmin – …My happiness…

(they both stare happily to each other)



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