How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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My girlfriend and I had lived together for two years. She had gotten a job transfer 6 months ago that took her more than 1,000 miles from me. I couldn’t just pick up and leave my job and neither of us wanted to break up but we also didn’t know how long we would be apart in this now long distance relationship. Even with the distance it’s still going strong only because of a few things we do to keep it that way.

We communicate every day. Even if it’s only a simple text message during the day to say hello, it gives us each the feeling we are still thinking about one another. We are both busy in our separate lives and careers but constant contact doesn’t let out hearts stray. Admittedly my heart did for a few minutes until I got a text that just said ‘love u.’ It was all that was needed to squash that feeling of being alone consuming me.

We rotate a visiting schedule. We definitely would not have made it 6 months without seeing each other given we both have weekends off. The distance prohibits weekly visits because it’s too expensive to fly but once a month she will come back to see me and the following month I fly to see her. We make those 2 days we spend together each month so memorable that we can keep them in our minds until the next visit.

Finally, it’s the little random displays of emotion and caring we do for each other that really hits things home in our LDR. I send her a random little gifts and she does the same. Each gift is a piece of a puzzle that we make for each other to solve. It usually just makes us think about each other a little more and makes every day that we’re apart great until we can finally be together again.


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