How to become a Freelancer – Part 4

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There are a number of sites online that offer freelance work. So it is a good idea to do a bit of research before
you set about getting work. Please remember that it is very easy to be duped by people online who will make you do the work and not pay up. It has happened to my friend, and I would like you to learn from that experience.

Here I will mention only a few sites out of all those that I have used and compare the facilities that they offer. In fact some sites offer better opportunities to software coders and developers than they do to writers. Since we are talking about freelancing as a writer, I will not mention these sites and waste time.

Which sites should a writer register with to start off? There many players here. In alphabetical order these sites are ones that you can give a try right away.

Get A Coder
Get A Freelancer
Lime Exchange
Rent A Coder

If you are serious about freelancing you must register with at least one of these sites so that you will have offers of projects to work on. All the sites above offer a free basic service provider’s profile. The number of bids you get per month differs from three onElance to 20 on Get a Freelancer.

Choosing what project to bid on and work for is based on different factors such as how many hours you intend to work, how much money you wish to make, how much research you are willing to undertake, how many hours are you availableonline for prospective employers, how fast can you type, can you keep tight deadline schedules, etc.

All these sites mentioned above require separate registration and as I mentioned before, the basic provider
profile is free. That is also the reason why I have left out other sites where you need to pay for project information. Naturally as you earn some money you might want to upgrade the profile by becoming a paid member. Also there may be other sites out there that I don’t know of as yet that you may join.

That is a future decision for you to make. Right now, just sign up for the free accounts and set the profile pages so that they interest potential employers. You will also need to set filters to the types of projects you want information sent to you about. Then the sites will send you an email when they have projects matching your filter settings. Or you can browse the open projects on the website manually and bid on them.

When you get these project alerts you should decide what you would like to work on. Then decide what a fair price for that work will be. Initially you will not command the highest prices as you will have no work history and reviews. Find out what the others have bid for the same project, some sites allow you to see this, others don’t.

At this time you will have to work for less than your worth. It can be very frustrating, especially when you know
others are getting the rates you are asking for. Accept that and do a few projects, think of it as an investment in the future. When you do have a few good reviews in your bag and your profile has some stars next to your picture, you can begin quoting a higher price.


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