How to maximize your earnings with Bukisa!

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With the launch of the latest online hottie, members get the chance to earn as much money as they can with hardwork and dedication by creating well-written articles, funny videos and more. To increase possible earnings follow these simple steps to maximize your probable income with bukisa!

– Create well written, witty and honest articles! The best way to get page views is to create high quality content! Nothing substitutes this part of the equation so never put out a product that’s less than stellar.

– Enroll your contents to social networking sites or other web traffic sites such as stumble upon, and delicious to name a few. Statistically, if you have your content included in such services they get at least 30 page views a day! A good, honest and simple way to pad your page views!

– Encourage your friends and family to get online and view your articles or contents. Give them links or your username and ask them to browse for your profile.

– Put a friendly looking image of yourself as your Avatar! This is a good way to get more views and to persuade other members at bukisa to see your contents.

– Promote your contents through your personal profile page at facebook or friendster. Make use of bulletin boards to put in links through your contents!

– Add friends to your bukisa account by browsing through the members section and adding other members even if you don’t know them personally. Leave honest comments and reviews on their contents.

– Direct traffic to your contents with the use of PTC sites. You have to put in a small amount of capital into this but the rewards could be potentially good.


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