How to become a Freelancer – Part 2

What is Freelancing on the Internet?

Basically freelancing is working on a project basis rather than a fixed monthly salary basis. You take on a project
for a predetermined fee, for a fixed amount of work to be completed in a fixed period of work. That is freelancing.

For instance in the real world, a monthly magazine such as Good Housekeeping would pay you $10 for an article that you wrote for them on a topic, such as artificial flower arrangements. Once they looked it over, reedited and
approved the article you would get paid. Then they wouldadd photographs and print it in the magazine.

That is called freelancing. Freelancing already existed and now with the help of the internet is it possible for large
numbers of people to undertake freelancing as a hobby, second income or even a full time job. The beauty of the
system is that you can be as serious or silly about it.

For instance now on the internet, you may be asked to write ten blog posts of 500 words each in 5 days time for
the sum of $3 per article. So you will work for that week and earn $30 after your submitted work is approved.

The internet has also opened up freelance options dealing with writing which were not available for the real world.
One instance would be posting comments on other people’s blogs to popularize your own blog and gain back
links. It’s a concept that came into existence only after blogs became as popular as they did.

Similarly besides writers there were editors, proofreaders, creative writers, and associated professionals working in the real world. These are the people who can now make a much better living using the virtual world as their work place.

If you have chosen to read this series, maybe you have an inclination to get into this field and are reasonably
serious about starting freelancing. I have been freelancing since May 2008 and now I am busy with the queries of a lot of friends who keep asking me the same questions.

This series is an attempt to answer those questions.

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