The Secrets Men Keep

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Men are afraid to commit.  We just are.  We aren’t mature enough to say we’ve found our soulmate and are able to spend the rest of our life with the one person we think is the perfect person for us.  We have the notion that there is always someone else that could make us just as happy or happier.  This does subside with age and most likely due more to the fear of being alone than a change of heart.

All men are insecure but many instinctively develop defense mechanisms to mask it.  You can be with the most confident man in world and secretly if you’re talking with someone else, he is worried you are flirting.  You will notice jealousy on occasion, though we try to mask this also as it shows a sign of weakness.

Men like to cuddle in bed.  Cuddling makes us feel at peace and when it’s with the person you’re closest to, it makes us feel completely secure in the relationship, if just for that moment.  We like to feel the warmth of our companion next to our bodies.

Every guy thinks their companion is crazy sometimes.  Men rationalize things differently than women.  This is more in the genetic differences between men and women than an actual character flaw.  It’s pretty much the same thinking as to why men have sports obsessions and women like to shop.

Men keep secrets.  Men and women are more alike than we care to admit but we keep those likenesses at bay.  Why?  It’s simple.  We are men and that’s how we are.


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