Malaysia Rice story-My destination to uncover rice story

When u travel around the South East Asia region , u will find rice or nasi (in malaysian country)dished out everywhere, at any time of the day and in many forms. Beginning with the country`s unofficially national dish of nasi lemak (rice of nasi lemak) for breakfast, nasi campur (mix rice)with various dishes for lunch and nasi goreng (fried rice)for those hunger pangs throughout the day.

Unlike a certain brand of ice-cream we knew, the most difficult part in ordering a plate of rice here have deciding on the flavour. U can had many nice flavour taste that come with the ice-cream like durian (fruit) most famous here,lychee’s,blue-berries,epal,ice bean and any flavour you enjoy it..

Bubur nasi (Rice porridge) the most famous in Malaysia is cooked in plain i.e boiled in stock till the rice is soft . It served with a selection of condiments like crispy fried anchovies,chicken or other meat,salted fish,salted egg and vegetables. Some recipe’s see shredded ginger,coconut milk,fenugreek and black peppercorn added to the rice for flavour. Certainly i hope u will enjoy this dishes..

A special porridge from Sarawak in East Malaysia is called bubur pedas (Spicy porridge). Is very popular among in Sarawak is espically during fasting month for muslim people. Rice is freshly mixed with grated coconut,shallots,garlic,galangal and turmeric till lightly brown. Then the rice mixture is blended with water and added to some shallots and garlic, which are heated in oil over a frying pan. To these are added ground spices (coriander,cumin,fennel,cinnamon,star anise and cardamon), coconut milk,meat or prawn, u can added with other meat also. And add some mushroom,bean curd,stick and coconut cream.. U should had try it..

Nasi Ayam (Chicken rice) is another local favourite. The rice is cooked in chicken stock and served with a choice of roasted,steam or soup. It served with soy sauce and ginger paste. The Hainanese Chicken rice get the vote for the best chicken rice around. It was the most famous of dishes among it…

Nasi kandar is so called in here because the rice hawkers would previously kandar or go around balancing a pole on their shoulder with baskets of food on both ends. Essentially , an Indian cuisine, the nasi kandar is flavoured by everybody, especially the chinese. It is basically rice served with a variety of curries (spices flavour), meat and vegetables.

Nasi Ulam (Herbed Rice) is an acquired taste for many. Originating from Trengganu, this particular dish requires one to combine plain rice with the condiments of herbs (finely sliced turmeric leaves, polygonum leaves, basil leaves, watercress, lesser galangal leaves, Chinese lettuce leaves, Kaffir lime leaves, Cashew nut leaves, lemon grass, shallots, Torch ginger bud and green chillies),ground chubb mackerels and kerisik (granted coconut which is pan-fried and pounded into individual dishes and topped with the desired amounts of ingredients and chilly gravy.

Nasi goreng (fried rice) is just that, rice fried to suit one’s taste buds and containing meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables for added substance and taste. Try the numerous nasi goreng available and made one your all time favourite. Some suggestions of delectable nasi goreng are the nasi goreng cina (Chinese fried rice), nasi goreng kampong, nasi goreng kerapu, nasi goreng ayam and nasi goreng hailam just to name a few..

Hope u all enjoy our rice in Malaysia. Had a nice trip..

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