Friendship(to share and experience)

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How does one interpret a ‘ friendship?’

It is sometimes hard to tell if you have an honest friendship with someone you know.

An honest friendship should be shared equally between two friends, help each other and be there for each other when going through a bad patch .  One should be able to share secrets without either onespeakinf of it  to others in a group.  To  also be able to understand  one another,  and  to know each other well as friends should.

Do something of value to keep a good friendship, be  trustworthy,  be happy together, share like and dislikes,  and be honest of your opinions of each other.

In having a good friendship you should try  to be good to one another, don’t be awful to the person  who is a friend to you.  Make good comments and appreciate your friendship.

Encourage your friend on issues if necessary  and try to be optimistic about life together.

Solve problems together when in need to do so. This allows you to have a healthy  friendship.


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