Friday, December 15

Books for young children

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The alphabets, numbers, animals, families, transportation, water conservation, clocks or books on how to tell the time are ideal books for young children that are going to preschool. Books that children are familiar with are Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Town Mouse and Country Mouse,  and many more.  Children can find books in the library that have all what they are looking for. Libraries have book corners for children to read whenever they want to. They will want to explore these books on their own. Help them to learn and know the rules of the library.  You could have records, tapes and books that have children’s stories on them. These, children can listen to or read in the library with the help of a parent or the teacher in charge of the library or the librarian, depending on which library it is. It could be the public library or the library at school. At the library it should be quiet and comfortable. Books can be on fruits and vegetables, plants and insects, or something that is educational to children and not just plain stories like fairy tales or any other fantasy stories, but something that’s realistic.  Also, the kinds of books that children can read are those that have adventure stories, books on shapes and colours, about nature or the aquarium.  Young children often learn words and phrases that have no meaning for them. They cannot express their concepts in words. Young children think in simple basic ways so they have difficulty comprehending adult language that is abstract or too complex.


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