Nutrition Is The Key To Natural Healing

I believe nutrition is the key to natural healing; and herbs are the key to nutrition. Now, let me explain why.

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant sugars and many other natural ingredients that aid in healing are highly concentrated in herbs. Herbs are foods, health enhancing foods. They have more to offer to your health than all the other foods you purchase.

Herbs can prevent or reverse ailments and diseases, if used properly. The greatest balance in our diet can be accomplished by using herbal supplements in addition to our regular food diet program. One of the reasons herbs work so well is because they are nutritious foods and are used best as dietary supplements.

Herbs work in harmony with foods, restoring balance in the body and speeding up healing because they safely stimulate key processes and structures in the body.

Herbs give us greater food value, as compared to the foods we now use. Man has taken the value out of today’s food to make it more “convenient” by adding chemicals and preservatives, not to mention hybrids and cross breeding. And then it is likely that you will have nutrient loss due to cooking. Now, with all that said; where are the natural ingredients?

Herbs have healing properties, maintenance properties, and the ability to reclaim bodies from synthetic chemicals. A plentiful amount of regeneration and rejuvenation exist in herbs.

Herbs reverse the pathway to disease more rapidly than ordinary foods. They can also prevent disease if used with wisdom together with a balanced food regimen and regular

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