Animals(for children to learn more about animals)

How to bond with animals, especially for children.

Speak of animals to your child often so that he knows what it is like to be close to one. Allow him to have a pet of his own. He will realise that one can get close to a pet and love it too. He would experience on his own about being affectionate towards an animal. This would allow him to know that one can be close to animals as well as humans. If he has a pet he should learn more about it and take lots of care. He can get information about his pet from library books if he doesn’t know much about his pet. Depending on the kind of pet he has. A child should know the kind of food he should feed his pet, know the breed of his pet, know how it should be t treated, where it should sleep and lots more if necessary. Children learn lots from these kinds of experiences. It makes them feel responsible and free to know about what goes on in their daily routine. Prechoolers can learn new ways of how to take care of their pets and maybe get to know advanced ideas. They eventually learn of wild and tame animals. The habits and habitats of these animals.

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