Clocks(for preschoolers to tell the time)

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Preschoolers could look at library books that tell you how to see the time on a clock, it will give them an idea. There are different types of clocks, like watch faces with or without numbers, stop watches, grandfather clocks, mickey mouse clocks and others too.   Draw a clock for your child and he can be familiar with it as he would want to look at it and have it and mybe  take it  to school daily. A child will notice time on a clock after each of their activities, this can allow him to see time. The sign of sunrise and sunset is one of the ways in which he can learn to see time. He will experience the time of day and night. Phases of the moon, stars glowing in the sky at night, personal time-tables and so on. Talk about the time of the year, the four seasons, alarm clocks that go off at a specific time, when it is lunch time, supper time or breakfast time. Teachers should show the children the numbers on the clock, the number of hands the clock consists of,  talk about the hours,  minutes, seconds and the counter hand. Clocks should be drawn of all kinds to allow children to learn new ideas of clocks and how it shows time. As time is always needed.


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