Effective ways of teaching your child

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Usually, most parents would want their children to start learning ASAP. They often read to their children before they even exist in this world. One of the tested and proven ways of letting your kid enter this wolrd an einstein is to

1. Read to him/her when alseep or when they haven’t even gotten out of your bellies yet.

2. Let them listen to classical music when asleep. Slip on some headphones or leave the stereo on while they go dreamland. Like they say, music is good for the soul.

3. If you want your child to learn a different language like, English, let them watch TV and soon, they’ll be more fluent in that language than their own.(believe me, i know) But to balance the beam, let your children watch something in the English dialect and one in your own dialect.

4. Let your child go out more often. This would teach him/her how to use her senses more. Let him/her enjoy the blue sky, hear the birds chirp, focus on the green glass, feel that cool breeze and let her see how wonderful everything is.

5. During outdoors, your child may stay still for a while watching a ladybug walk around a leaf, or go from here to there because he is chasing a butterfly. Let him study this one on his own. When he asks questions, answer them. When you’ve had enough questions just tell them to go ask GOD. if you don’t believe in God, then you really should.

6. Buy your kid some building blocks or those letter blocks. She might build a city with those building blocks and pretend to be Godzilla so she can destroy it. Or she could learn how to spell with those building blocks. When she grows up, she might even beat you in scrabble or win the spelling bee.

7. Last, show Her LOADS of LOVE! No child can truly learn without love from his/her parents.


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