Children sharing

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Children don’t often share. They don’t want another child of their age touching their toys, be it old or new. Even though they are taught by parents to share their belongings with friends that come to visit. Children who have difficulty sharing, need support and guidance. No-one likes to be told “You’ve got to”, and it won’t help foster feelings of generosity.  Sharing simply isn’t a concept prechoolers can understand. They think that the world revolves around them alone, and if someone doesn’t like it, that’s tough. A reluctance to share is pretty normal, at least until the age of three. But, as your child gets older he will become less egocentric and will start to identify with other’s feelings.  Sharing doesn’t come naturally to a two year old, though he may do it to please his mom, if he’s told so. Children have to acquire the ability to share and it’s a skill that develops gradually over the first three years of life. Under threes are still very much into parallel play, that is playing alongside other children, but not with them. At around three they start playing co-operatively.


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