AIDS (to educate people of this virus)


People need to be educated about Aids as not many know how it is contracted. The risk factors of Aids are through sexual contact, the main risk factor is when working with an exposure of blood and when kissing someone with sores in their mouth.

When having multiple partners, living with a partner that has been infected with Aids, having received blood transfusions and when in an area with high prevalence of hepatitis B.


People with Aids have little or severe symptoms until the latter stages.  Person with hepatitis infection has a sign of jaundice, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, joint pain or tenderness in joints, stomach pain and general malaise.

HIV is a virus that gradually destroys components of the immune system.

AIDS is the condition that results from the advanced stages of this viral infection.

In most cases results in death.

White blood cells are destroyed by pathogen, these white cells are a key component of the body’s immune system that work with other cells, B cells and  macrophages to combat infection. 75% of  AIDS patients experience protozoan infection, with coughing, fever, and breathing difficulties.  Most common is pneumonia.   The initial infection is when a person can have the virus for years before symptoms arise. The incubation period, this is when the virus is trapped within the lymph system and the person is fully infected and is HIV positive but does not have AIDS, lasts 8-15 years.The diagnose of AIDS  is when there a fewer helper T cells per millimeter of blood. That would be the final stage.

To protect yourself  from being infected with Aids ,always  use a  new condom,  stay with one partner, suggest your partner has a HIV test before getting intimately involved.  Do not share intravenous needles.

Aids can’t be contracted by sitting on a toilet seat,  drinking from the same cup, or touching one another.  Have safe sex, and  don’t use a condom more than once.

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