Breast Cancer

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  • To watch your weight is an importance,  don’t eat too many fatty foods, and try to cut down on red meat.
  • Eat more green vegetables and fruit is a good idea, this can lower the risk of  breast cancer.
  • Have a glass of milk daily, slow down on the alcohol.  Finding a lump in your breast can be  frightening, for a good reason.  Early detection increases your chances of survival.

Having breast cancer is not always about being hereditary,  from previous generations, sometimes you just have  to be careful and try prevent it yourself.  With modern technology, you can do it..

There are ways to examine yourself,  by feeling for lumps while in the shower which is an easy way  and while lying in bed,   or you can go for the regular mammograms, when detected early, one can be treated with breast cancer.

Try herbal teas, like green tea which can prevent you from having breast cancer if drunk 3 times a day.  It is bitter,  but can be drunk with a teaspoon of honey.


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