"It’s fish poo…Your Dukeness it comes out of a very rich fishes bottom"

Bottom series 2 was first shown through out 1992 (except for the final episode for reasons briefly mentioned in the review). The boys are again played by Ade Edmonson (who plays Eddie Hitler) whilst Rik Myall plays (Richie Richard), and the 2 violent idiots in a flat routine continues much like it did in the first 6 episodes. 

The second series carries on in much the same vein as the first (here is an advert for you all), more of the first series can be found in my excellent review “Hello Big Tits”, with the series premier “Digger” which (as with the first series, and the rest of this) is broken down into 6 chapters in the chapter select screen. 

The episode starts in the waiting room of a dating agency with the brilliant opening conversation between Eddie and the woman at the agency: 

“Which one you is Mr Hitler?” 
“That’ll be me” 
“Any relation?” 
“Well I have got a mother” 
“No I meant Adolf hitler” 
“Yes! Thats her” 

The boys go into her office where the jokes continue in much the same vein as the previous series, “bird” jokes and “wanking” jokes are much the basis of the episode. The boy’s desperation, especially Ritchies is made as obvious as it is throughout the previous series with him trying his luck with the dating lady (played by Lisa Maxwell), and lying about being noble in his video. 
A joke at the expense of Fergie (Sarah, not Alex) ensues, though it’s humour may have dated rather badly to you younger readers. 

The result of the dating agency leads to Ritchie getting a date with a Moldavain Countess going by the name of Lady Natasha Letitia Sarah Jane Wellesley Obstromsky Ponsonsky Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Oblomov Boblomov Dob (played by Helen Lederer, who played a nurse in a previous episode in the first series). The lie of Ritchie being of noble blood leads to the excellent scenario of Eddie playing the butler in a full suit for what must be the only time in TV history, a man spends around 15 mins in a suit with mash potatoes on his face. 

For fans of the first series, this episode should almost feel like a continuation of the previous series with the slapstick coming in several doses, courtesy of an umbrella, and numerous trauma’s to each man’s genitalia. 

The episode continues praying on Ritchies desperation both sexually, and for love and acceptance romantically to a woman, added to his paranoia of it all being a huge joke. As the story progresses the humour becomes none stop hilarity…but does he get to finally go where he’s never been before?…You’ll have to watch it to find out (I can’t spoil everything for ya…) 

The episode is brilliant 5/5. 

The second episode of the second series is “Parade”, which actually aired fourth originally on the TV run. The show starts with the two guys at an identity parade (the whole concept of which seems to confuse Ritchie) who manages to immediately offend the Chief inspector, Grobbelaar (named after the then Liverpool keeper). 

The parade is over the theft of Mrs. Potato who seems to be running these as a bit of a scam, whilst the 4 boys (Ritchie, Eddie, Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog, both making a return for series 2) try to scam the new barmaid at the pub (played by Julia Sawalha) posing as government workers. 

Whilst in the pub Tight-Mouthed Larry the locally bookie (played by Chris Langham) stumbles through the pub on the (well more accurately through) a table whilst as wasted as one man could possibly be. All the while Ritchie tries to pretend he was in the Falklands conflict, before stumbling on someone who actually was, who now has a wooden leg…which sows the seed for the boys smart arse money making scheme. 

Ritchie, trying to keep the lie of being a war veteran attempts to impress the real veteran with his appendix scar, though the veteran mistakes this for Ritchie trying to show off his “very small penis”. Leading to typically Bottom style slap stick comedy and more jokes based around Ritchies sexual deprivation, which follows into the obvious wanking jokes. Larry lets a secret slip which the boys want to take advantage of, which is where the story really runs away with the episode…With the biggest visual gag of the episode showing the extreme slapstick that the show revolves around. 

The last 5 or so mins of the episode it’s self can’t be spoiled as it’s even more unexpected than the previous one. 

5/5 which it could well have gotten for the piss your pants twist and ending. 

The third episode on the DVD is “Burglary” which was also the third televised one of the series and like a few from the first series I actually remember watching this when the shows were repeated during the mid 90’s. 

The episode continues one of the many themes from the opening series, of Ritchie playing wife to Eddie’s abusive drunk husband routine, after Eddie had been to the chemist to buy some Old Spice that he’s inevitable drank. Leading to a drunk Eddie wanting to get more drunk, drinking bleach to aide this pursuit before typical slapstick humour and more of the husband-wife sub plot. 

The episode is one of the most heavily crude joke based, with wanking, farting and toilet jokes one after the other…then more slapstick violence…then more toilet jokes…all the while the boy’s are being robbed from and their thinking what to do, such as giving the burglars drugs “Why don’t we chuck a Lemsip down the stairs?” being the most memorable line. 

The episodes dependence on slapstick both vocal and physical is brilliant, but not as good as finding out who the burglar is (for those who are going to watch it, I’m sorry for this big spoilers), but the guy rubbing Eddie and Ritchie is …Mario in a balaclava :-O The cheeky plumber gets everywhere…With the burglars identity fully resolved, the boys begin to torture him (by talking about soaps no less). 

The episode is one of my all time favourites but thats probably more dependent on rose tinted glasses, as I’m beginning to think the first episode of the show was the best. 

5/5 again, and again the ending of the episode is brilliant, and I won’t spoil it. 

The fourth episode of the DVD is in fact the second episode to have been shown on the TV is “Culture”, the episode starts with the boys doing a cross word to eradicate their boredom after having their TV re-possessed, “Ironmonger” being the first clue and 6 letters long (any idea’s folk?). Quickly this form of entertainment stops being entertaining, and it turns out the TV was taken after they fell behind on their rent with the typical wife-husband argument. 

A short parody of Jack and the Beanstalk adds some short term giggles before the boys play pin the tail on the donkey…or what quickly becomes “Stick the sellotape on the fridge” due to lack of resources. Richie ties the scores by winning a “see how much custard you can fit in your underpants”, before the boys spend the majority of the evening cleaning up the room the custardy mess. 
The decider is a game of chess which (since “Apocolypse” Richie’s forgotten the rules of) leads to them playing with make shift pieces (Spiderman, a tomato and a Skeleton being three notable pieces). An “Esther Rantzen” for each man (named due to the fact it pulls your gums over your teeth when you drink it) before the chess begins. The episode at times feels like it’s a fair bit filler and less comedic than some of the previous episodes sadly. 
3/5 For this episode with centres around the two guys with a lot of Richie seemingly gettng “giddy” and playing up trying to waste time in the episode. Though the moral guidance of the episode and the last 3 or 4 minutes of it are by far the funniest. 

The fifth episode is “Holy” which was the final episode in the series original run (as explained later on), the episode is essentially a Christmas episode for Eddie and Richie (the first and I think only one, though there may have been one in the third series). Starts with Richie pretending to be Santa Clause whilst Eddie pretends to sleep with a Rube Goldberg machine set up as a booby trap (which shows the low standard of the previous episode was merely a dip in form, and class (well…as much class as a show based on toilet humour can have) is permanent. 

The unwrapping of the presents despite being relatively short is brilliantly done, with Richie’s present to Eddie being one of the episodes highlights, the ensuing conversation had me in stitches despite my sister who was sat in the room being stone faced. As my sisters younger I’m putting it down to her having no sense of humour more than anything, as this was the sort of show I’ve loved since being her age. 

The episode is full of typical Christmas jokes, mentioning the queens speech, James Bond movies and of course Brussels sprouts, before the quite regular by now theme of Richie being the homely one, the chef and wife of the two. Eddie, being the “man” of the relationship, has made some home made brandy substitute, and bought a “tree” that less than impresses Richie. 

During the process of cooking Christmas dinner, slapstick (and infact rather bloody) violence kicks in with another one of Richie’s accidents (such as the broken leg in the previous series) being another of the episodes high points (of which to be fair there’s many of this time thankfully). With the accident finally tidied up, and the guests due to arrive Eddie finishes off the “tree” and Richie violently avenges Eddie’s mouth. 

Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog are predictably the guests, as they are effectively the only friends of the boys that are ever shown on screen, and as they are there for lunch Richie’s Jamie Oliver impressions are finely shown in full skill, as are the terrible Christmas jokes that Eddie alludes to are repeated every year. The Brandy substitute (Vodka Butter) is used to christen the pudding leading to another of the episodes hilarious high points, before the (as the series seems to do repeatedly) turns to a final 10 minutes of piss your self laughing moments. 

5/5 The series quickly returns to it’s heady heights. 

The final episode of the series is “‘S out” which was originally delayed and not shown on TV until April 1995 due to (a rarity from the nature of the show) sensitivity issues surrounding the murder of Rachel Nikell 3 months before the episode was to air (despite if having been filmed). Nikell was murdered on the 15th July 1992 on Wimbledon Common the setting for the episode in question. 

The episode centres on the boy’s going on a camping expedition in Wimbledon as part of a bet, sadly a lack of camping skill’s, don’t help the boys, neither does their pretty obvious hate/hate relationship. Lets remember that camping usually raises tension in friends, when the people routinely beat each other over the head with bats, pokers and frying pans anyway, this was always bound for failure…right? 

Gay jokes make some of the opening jokes, before Eddie’s selfishness and Richie’s desperation come to fruition as they have done through out the opening 2 series. The visual humour starts to be come more and more reminiscent of a more violent episode of Tom and Jerry…just with out the cat and mouse. Instead of them, they throw in hedgehogs (as in the spiky things not Dave) which Eddie mistakes as a Womble, and tries to lure out with hobnobs so he can kill it with darts. As we should all know by now…this isn’t going to go to plan, and of course comedy violence ensues. 

The addition of alcohol and…and a flasher help carry the show for the last 10 minutes but the episode could well have finished earlier than it does which is a shame as the opportunities for humour is still most certainly there. 


The series probably isn’t as good as the other one overall as it does have one incredibly weak episode, though it is still very worth a watch. The scripts as far as story lines go are ended better often with a genius twist that leads to the viewer sitting in disbelief as well as stitches. 

Summary: Brilliant but some episodes seem to have too much wasted time

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