Marriage(communication and understanding)

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The divorce rate is increasing every year.  Years ago when couples married, vows were taken seriously and respected, but now, everything has changed.

Bickering on just about everything, is one of the reasons  of couples drifting apart.  In the process the marriage falls apart,  and most cases no attempt is made for a change the only answer is divorce.

Money issues, failing to understand, communicate, and have simple conversation.  If  a couple is sitting in a room and fail to communicate then something is wrong,  people change as they grow and gradually a person’s life is moves  in a different direction.

When this happens married couples grow apart,  to also avoid communication, one glares at the television or gets involved in other activities.   Seeking help by going to a marriage counsellor is a good idea for those who fail to communicate at home.   If this doesn’t help then  seek help from family or good friends. If one feels  all has failed then move on.

It is important for partners to know each other well before marriage.  Living together before marriage does help towards marriage.  In this way they learn about one another, on how to compromise, understand and communicate easily.  It is a great challenge to accept your partner for his/her standards.

Another factor of failure in a marriage is when couples are not honest, or  trustworthy, they don’t have much in common,  don’t love each other enough to be  together  and  face up to their commitments.

Explore different fields before marriage,  make sure the partner you choose is for a life-time.  It takes time to get what you want but it can only be if you do it right from the start.


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