Titanic’s ‘Unsinkable’Survivor Reached Her Final Destination

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The last surviving passenger of the 1912 Titanic sea mishap finally reached her destination 97 years later.

Elizabeth Gladys Dean also known as Melvina Dean, died in a care home in England Sunday. She was 97 years old.

Dean and her family boarded the Titanic at Southampton port of England in 1912. She was nine weeks old when the sea tragedy happened. Titanic sank upon hitting an iceberg in April 14, 1912, killing 1,500 of her passengers. Melvina survived after being bundled up in a sack and carried to safety.

Inquirer net reports:

>Dean died in a private nursing home near Ashurst in the southern English county of Hampshire, according to the BBC and Britain’s domestic Press Association news agency. Staff there refused to comment late Sunday >

Melvina Dean did not find out that she was a survivor of the Titanic sinking until she was eight years old when his mother was planning to remarry. Her father was the lone family casualty in the historic sea tragedy. Her mother and a brother survived.

Dean was the youngest passenger on board the Titanic, the largest, luxurious and most technologically advanced passenger ship in the world at the time of the incident. She was born February 12, 1912.

Dean was invited to complete her family’s ill-fated journey to the United States in 1997 aboard the QE2, and accepted, although she turned down an offer to attend the premier of the movie “Titanic” because it would be too upsetting, the report added.


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