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A way our world has changed over the years.

Since the early 70s, everything started changing in our world.  Every day, there has   been a brand new introduction in our society.

The computer, then  to  cell phones, the blackberry, the kindle, ipods, from black and white to color televisions, to video recorders and then to dvd players, to printing machines, fax machines, old dialing telephones to push button dialing, and  with fast redial.

Life is becoming very simple and this is causing us to be totally reliable on modern technology.  People  who have access to all new technology and are interested in working with it will most likely accept it,  and off course,  there are  those that are  not very keen on learning.

By the press of a button and  it is all done for you.  That’s an easy life to have in our world.

With the use of head-sets, ear-phones, and from tapes to compact discs are all growing in businesses and allowing people to change  with modern tecnology.

Our world has  grown,  with over 6 billion people and  still growing has lots to offer in the future.  Our homes have become the usual cinema and music theatre that one used to go to, when there was not much  entertainment at home.

Now we have access to everything at our doorstep.  One can shop online, by a press of a button channels can be watched on television.

There is still more to come like there could even be synthetic actors like robots acting instead of people acting in movies.   Well, in that case nobdy will be paid a salary and rehearsels will be done around the clock without any squeals.

More change to come in the future and  more surprises be prepard for having a robot control your home.


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