Dieting(follow simple diets)

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If you have tried a diet to lose weight for six months and it  isn’t  working,  even after  cutting out on  starches and fats and have been really good but you still haven’t shed the kilos.  You tend to lose hope.

Avoiding starches and fats, might not be what your body needs, you might need to cut down on sugar, perhaps, you still drink alcohol, which might have a slow metabolism or a hormone imbalance that makes your diet ineffective.

These are some of the factors  that you should consider, when deciding on a diet. The diet that your friend recommended to you might not  work for you because you need to have a check-up at your GP.  Chec-up for body functions, that could affect your weight loss such as your thyroid gland, blood-sugar levels and possible hormone and chemical imbalances.

If you still don’t lose weight even after  all that  you have tried, then it could be a psychological reason.

Follow a simple diet to avoid complication in your  body  functions.  Diet pills aren’t always good for you, try to use natural  remedies.


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