Herbs (for people to know about herbs)

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by CHIPMUNK, May 3, 2009

Information on using herbs.

Herbs are grown in fields, when cultivated then you know how to use it.

People use herbs for medicinal reasons and for flavours in cooking.

Most herbs are perennial and have soft stems which die back in the winter.  When using Rosemary, only the leaves are used for cooking or for healing constipation.

  • Garlic, the bulb is used  for cooking and for the  prevention of heart disease, when eaten fresh.
  • Fennel,  the seed, the bulb and the leaves are used for cooking.
  • Coriander,  the  leaves and seeds  are used for cooking.
  • Basel,  the name is from Greek basilikon or ‘Kingly’ it is highly valued in the Mediterranean.
  • Rosemary, is a coastal plant and  used for cooking sauces and roasts.
  • Bay leaves, from a evergreen tree called the Laurel Tree, these leaves are dried and used for spicing food, can be used when fresh too.  It is believed that when planted by your home protects it from lightning.
  • Oregano,  is used in Italian cooking.
  • Sage,  a herb is drunk as tea  for healing menstruation problems.
  • Mint tea, a herb that is used as tea and relaxes you after a tiring day. Can be drunk hot or cold with sugar to your taste.
  • Thyme is used for flavouring roasts.
  • Parsley is for salads, and excellant for blood pressure levels




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