Love(for people to know)

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There are different types of love.

What does love feel like?  When and how do we experience love?

When you like somebody, this is the  experience of being intimate,  without passion and commitment, that’s just a friendship.

Infactuation, this is  the experience of passion, without being intimate and  you have no commitments.

Empty love, this is the experience of commitment, without passion, and intimacy (an example a marriage based on a business proposal).

Romantic love, this is the experience of passion and intimacy, without commitment (for example extramarital affairs).

Companionate love, this is the experience, of intimacy and commitment without passion(many long term marriages).

Fatuous love, this is  the experience of passion and commitment but without intimacy(like love at first sight).

Consumate love, the experience of intimacy, passion, and commitment(good luck!).

Women and men differ with their experience of love.  When there is no love, there is no pleasures.  If you love someone who doesn’t love you,  it’s like shaking a tree to make the dewdrops fall.

Love is like a virus it can be given to anybody at any time.  In general people from various cultures view love as a positive experience.  In some cultures they  have a pessimistic outlook on romantic love, it’s with sadness and pain, but the way one experiences love,  is  up to  the individual.

There is only one hapines in life, to love and be loved. Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made like bread, re-made all the time, made


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