How to Choose a Engagement Ring

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Finding the perfect ring for her can be challenging. There are alot of question that may come to mind such as the size, shape and type of this perfect engagement ring. Well rest assure! This article may be the answer to all of your questions.

Things You’ll Need:

  • SIZE
  • TYPE

RingSizer_Thumb.jpg SIZE. How to find her ring size without giving it away? This seems like it could be challenging, but it’s really not. If she is the type to wear rings often then take one of her favorite rings with you, but be sure to place it back before she gets home. You don’t want her to notice. If not, get one of her friends to go shopping with her and try on rings. She will never notice if you get her friend to do it. Beside they probably do this often. If this does not work then by her a ring just for the heck of it and guess her size or take her with you. Then she will think nothing of a wedding ring coming soon.

Shapes_Thumb.jpg SHAPE. There are many shapes of diamonds, from round to asscher and many more. If her had is small then I would suggest a round diamond that does not cover her finger. On the other if her hand is much larger then I would suggest something that is square. If she wears rings observe the types that she wears and purchase accordingly. If she has friends you can ask them if you don’t mind them knowing.

 types_Thumb.jpgTYPE. The type of ring to choose. Yeah this one is a bit challenging. Lots of people are wearing more of the silver rings such as, platinum, white gold, sterling silver, etc. She may be interested in the golds. You have to see what interest her. I suggest to you that if she has told you what she likes then don’t get the opposite. Women have there picks of the types of rings that they wear so trust me she will know best. Getting this surprise ring that I mentioned earlier will really help you out in deciding on the engagement ring to buy. Remember that this is a special day for both of you and she will be happy that you are ready to go to this next step with her. Good luck!

Tips & Warnings

  • Observe the rings that she wears.
  • Ask her friends that don’t talk allot.
  • Don’t give it away!!!!
  • Purchase a warranty on the ring.
  • Do not tell her!!!!!!!
  • Purchase Warranty just in case anything happens to the ring.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the ring, because you don’t want to purchase a knock off.



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