Amir Khan-Ricky Hatton Match Could be Richest in Domestic History

After staying neutral on whom to support during the Pacquiao-Hatton match last May 2 in Las Vegas and after saying that he would rather have Ricky Hatton in his corner in his upcoming fight with Andreas Kotelnik on June 27th, Amir Khan is now singing a different tune.

Amir Khan is now saying that a fight with fellow boxer, town mate and friend Ricky Hatton could be the richest in domestic history. In effect he is saying that he will set aside friendship for money for a shot at Hatton if their promoters agree on the terms and purse.

Guardian reports:

>Now the 22-year-old from Bolton has changed his mind about a fight against Hatton, who is considering whether to continue in the sport, that would potentially be the richest contest in domestic boxing history.

“It’d be a brilliant fight for the British fans to see,” said Khan. “Our styles would make a brilliant fight – I’m a mover, I’m a boxer whereas he [Hatton] is a pressure fighter. No matter what, if we do the fight it’s going to be a tear-up; it’s going to be brilliant. >

The ambitious Amir Khan talked about winning over Kotelnik in their June 27 duel at the O2 Arena in London. He also talked about huge fights in the future that include a possible shot at Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who is scheduled to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on July 17th.

Amir Khan is being trained by Freddie Roach in his Wild Card Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. He acted as sparring partner of Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao who said he is flying to England on June 27 to join him at the ringside when he clash with Andrea Kotelnik.

“These guys already know who I am,” he added. “I haven’t hit my peak yet but in a couple more fights I think I’ll be at my peak and I’ll be getting experience. I’m in the right camp, the right gym where I can pick that up from. So it’d be great to fight these legends in the sport.” the report added.

Amir Khan is a professional British boxer from Manchester, England. He is only 22 years old with a professional boxing record of 21 fights, winning 20 and losing only once

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