Make sure you believe that you can lose weight

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If You Don’t Believe It, You Can’t Convince Others

You want to loose some weight and feel you can do it. In fact you think it will be quite easy if you put your mind to it. However you thought that a month ago and you still weigh the same, or even worse, you weigh even more than you did. So the weight is now showing up badly and becoming a problem with medical risks increasing. You want to do something about it but just can’t get started.

You know what the real problem is? It is not the extra weight that you are lugging around; it is your attitude to the weight. If you can change that attitude and your mindset half your weight loss battle is won. Don’t get dupes by false promises of miracle diets and weight loss pills. In your heart you know that they sound too good to be true. More often than not they are useless, serving only to lighten your wallet and not your body.

Get a good plan. Visit a professional. You would not take your car for servicing to the two wheeler shop would you? So take yourself to an authorized weight management consultant and get a full profile down. Now involve yourself in the plan that is drawn up for your weight loss goal.

Staying positive for the duration of the plan in the face of rigorous workouts and strict diets is essential to success. Make sure you have your support group and cheering fans behind you. Family and friends can monitor and help you with your progress.

Don’t eat for any reason besides hunger. Ice cream is not a treat. It is a trap into getting fatter. The chocolate chip cookie is not an antidepressant. It may lift your mood but it will not solve the root of the problem. Eating chips in front of the television is not going to elevate your boredom any faster, but it will endow your figure with a few extra pounds. Make sure that you do not use food as an emotional crutch. Where ever possible try to substitute emotional eating with a physical activity. Then you will do your self a double favor by not adding extra calories and actually burning some.

If you know you will end up eating more if you stay at home on Sunday, plan an outing with friends. Go cycling together, plan a picnic, and make sure that you don’t get into the situation where you will overeat. Try and plan activities where junk food and sedentary activities are avoided. Yes, I mean the movies. Do not sit in the dark and eat unnecessarily, when you can be out soaking up the sun and loosing weight.

Attitude is everything. Make sure that you believe in the success of your weight loss plan. Then talk about it to others, this will make you more accountable. Set measurable goals. Tell yourself that you need to loose one pound in the next five days. When you achieve a goal reward yourself, just make sure it is not a bar of chocolate. Share your little triumphs with family and friends. They will assume more significance.

Last but not the least, never give up in the face of obstacles.


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