Aging and its Factors

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The aging process is not always a pretty sight.  It causes changes that affect you internally as well as externally.  The two places that they are noticeable are the hair and the skin.  You can also feel a difference in your tissues and cells, but you won’t see them.  However, you may feel them inside your body.  When you age, it affects each cell in your body.

The presence of fat comes about on your tissues and other organs inside your body.  Because of this, your organs slowly start losing cells and your body doesn’t function like it used to.  Your bones, muscles and skin began to get stiff.

The cell membranes lose their ability to retain oxygen and start releasing carbon dioxide.  Since there are so many cells in your body, you probably won’t recognize that your body is constantly losing cells and therefore your body’s ability to function is weakened.

When cells disappear, your organs start acting different.  With some people, they can start aging as early as 40 or 50 years old.  When you age, your blood circulation is affected.  There’s the possibility of you losing your memory slowly.  You could suffer from other health problems.  Even with that, you may not notice under you get up in age.

Did you know that some of the medications you take may actually contribute to aging prematurely?  Some of the medications on the market today are so strong that they may possibly play a role in that.

If you are exposed to toxins in the environment, they may affect your body in an adverse way.  Genetics can also influence the way and how fast people age.

If you start smoking, drinking or using illegal drugs when you’re young, it will definitely show as you get older.  These habits contribute to poor nutrition because you don’t think about eating healthy.  You’re thinking about puffing that next nicotine stick, hitting that next bottle or finding that next sniff or smoke on the pipe.

As your liver and kidneys flush out the toxins in your system, some of the medicines you take for certain ailments may remain in your system.  As you age, your liver and kidneys may not function like they used to.  Any leftover medicines in your system can contribute to you aging prematurely.

If you liver starts to slow down, your cholesterol levels may be affected.  The liver is responsible for the maintenance of cholesterol levels.  If your cholesterol level is high, you could be prone to more ailments within your body.

For these reasons mentioned, it is imperative that you would want to stay young and not look like a prune.  Doing the right things that will keep you healthy and vibrant can help to hinder the aging process.  You can be older chronologically, but you don’t have to be old physically.


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