Cayenne Fire Power to Heal Your Body

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Most of us are used to thinking of chilies and peppers as fiery substances that burn the mouth and cause ulcers. In most cases we would be correct. However in case of the Cayenne, we would be wrong. Sure it is hot and yes it is a pepper, but the benefits associated with it are tremendous. Till recently I was not aware of them and hardly ever used it in its natural form, which has changed.

Human beings have used Cayenne for the past 7000 years in the form of food, condiment and medicine. The Russians, Greeks, Italians, and Hunzas have all used and profited from its unique qualities. The cayenne is not irritating like black pepper and mustard, in fact it soothes and heals the body. It has a tendency to direct extra blood to an injured or ailing part of the body, which in turn warms the part and helps it heal faster. It affects the whole circulatory system, starting with the heart and encompassing the arteries, capillaries, and nerves.

Gradually working its magic it makes changes at a cellular level and makes hardened arteries pliable again. A mini-miracle which cardiologists will applaud. Good blood circulation in the body is the basis of good overall health and Cayenne even pushes up the power of the pulse. Cayenne also has a tendency to stabilize blood pressure and reverse cardiac disease, at times even avoiding cardiac arrest. Giving the rising number of heart attacks in the country today, it seems like a good idea to let your heart benefit from the amazing healing properties of the Cayenne.

Despite being a pepper it is not harmful to the digestive system and its accessory organs. It actually helps in digestive disorders by rebuilding the tissue in the stomach. Being the primary digestive organ this helps increase the body’s digestive capacity in turn affecting the energy levels and its own capacity to heal itself.


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