Information on Caring for a Betta Fish

Being aware of how to keep betta fish is imperative if you are intending on keeping bettas or intend to breed them. Betta fish are one of the best of the tropical fish to have but they do have some special requirements that can simply be met with a few easy additions. The first thing to do is to organize the essential facilities. If you are looking for betta just for the purpose of reproduction you are going to need different facilities than if you were seeking bettas just for the purpose of having a beautiful addition to your house and family.

If you are looking for the intention of merely delighting in bettas in your house, keep in mind that male bettas, and in some cases female bettas, do not get along with one another or with a number of other maine creatures so you will want to have separate fish tanks for each of your fish. Bettas do not require a large volume of room but they do require enough space to move around comfortably in the tank. So in fact there should be sufficient room for the fish to swim to the top, down and to all the sides without touching the sides of tank.

In determining how to take care of a betta fish, you will come across the choice of whether or not to utilize live flora or use synthetic plants. Vegitation is not essential but it does assist in giving the bettas a more comfy habitat, of the two plant types live flora are better than artificial flora as they supply a lot of benefits in addition to being better for the bettas. They do nevertheless, have to be quarantined before being arranged in the tank. Gravel is not essential, but does give the bettas things to move around when creating nests.

Another thing to think about is the fish food that you will be giving the betta that you take house. This can be living fish food, frozen, freeze dried or in the shape of shots and flecks. There are a few betta that will reject anything but live fish food and there are others who won’t touch fresh food, so presenting a bit of both will give you a quick overview of what your betta prefers. When determining how to keep betta fish you will also have to find out about the various diseases that your betta could be faced with, how to make out the diseases and what you ought do to make your betta healthy once more when it becomes unwell.

It is also essential to guarantee that the water is kept clean, live plants can help with this, and so can filters. Making a point that you can scoop out any left over fish food before it has an opportunity to drop to the bottom of the aquarium of the tank and contaminate the water will also serve to provide a safe and healthy environment for your betta.

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