Animal Testing For Cosmetic Purposes Should be Banned

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Some people would argue that there is an order to life and that animals are of lesser importance than mankind.  Then there are those who counter an animal lover’s assertion that animals should be respected and loved, not maimed and killed for mankind, by pointing out how people swat a fly or step on a bug without much thought.  Sadly, there are even people who just plain don’t care about anything but their image, especially how they look, and treat animals are things.

Animals are life, and they have a right to live their lives in peace.  They are not a lesser life form; rather, they are simply another type of life form.  I’ve always loved how Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home celebrates the whale.  In essence, they turned the tide.  Whales, which are hunted and have become extinct by the time of Captain Kirk and his crew, are actually the very life forms that allow us to remain living.  Okay, it’s a movie, but who’s to say there isn’t an element of truth there?

The point is that animals are living and breathing creatures, and simply because they can’t defend themselves against our advanced ways doesn’t mean they should be abused, especially not for cosmetics.  Does our world really need to have the apes take over the planet to stop abuse and mistreatment of the animal kingdom?  Yes, that’s another movie reference, but again, there’s truth there.  So often the abused rise up against their abusers.  Who’s to say something strange couldn’t happen in the future?  Frankly, with the way some humans treat animals, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Critics will jump in now and enter into accusations about the killing of the flies, the use of pest control, the eating of meat, and all kinds of other things.  The simple truth here is that two wrongs don’t make a right.  You can’t win a debate by pointing out another negative; that’s just finger pointing, and it achieves nothing.  We’re talking about one thing here, testing perfume on animals.  As that old saying goes, milk before meat.  As it applies here, one thing at a time, and the ‘thing’ of the moment is the horrid impact on animals from our need to look ‘hot’.

What I find sickening are people who believe the animals aren’t even worth the thought.  These are the ones who tease dogs just for fun, who starve so-called pets, and who toss them out of cars to get rid of them.  These are uncaring, unfeeling, and sometimes even sociopathic people.

Cosmetics are not essential to life.  No one needs lip stick to survive.  The lack of use of blush doesn’t result in the loss of life.  If you never wear eyeliner again, it’s not a big deal.  Cosmetics are superficial.  They are more about being fake and phony than they are anything else.  To abuse an animal just so you can have shiny lip gloss or have a new shade of foundation is deplorable.

No one is saying cosmetics should be outlawed, but what should be is testing products and ingredients on animals.  An animal should not suffer or be treated in an un-normal way just so you can look good on a date.  It amazes me that anyone believes that nail polish means more than a loving creature who gives love to people so unconditionally.

Here’s the real kicker of this discussion.  Cosmetics don’t need animal testing to be proven and considered safe.  There are all types of other testing available that do the job.  Many companies have now joined the ranks of businesses who use these other means of testing and let the animals live in peace.  These companies should be applauded.  The other cosmetic companies who simply don’t care to change their practices should be ashamed of themselves.  Okay, my first inclination was to say they should be shot, or better yet, let them become the tested.

There’s an episode of The Twilight Zone where a single survivor of a manned spaceship lands on a planet with human-like people.  He thinks all is well when they build him a home, based on the knowledge in his brain.  It’s not until he walks in the door that he realizes he’s just entered a zoo, and he’s the exhibit.  That’s what the leaders of cosmetic companies which still test on animals should have to experience — the act of being the subject of the test.  Let’s see how they like it.

Animals are living creatures.  They have rights, and we have a responsibility to treat them fairly.  Using them for something which is so petty and vain as cosmetics is sinful.

If you want to ensure that the cosmetics you use and purchase do not abuse animals in anyway, I highly recommend which allows you to not only search for specific companies, but which also explains much more detail about what it means when a company says it doesn’t test or use animal-tested products.


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