Trees( we need trees to survive)

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Trees are dying in our forests,  every year, the world uses three billion cubic metres of wood- a pile as big as a football stadium and as high as Mt. Everest.  Forests provide, fuel, timber, varnishes, dyes, rubbers and plenty more.

In the past foresters cleared away trees that were dying or just dead trees, now everything is been cleared for all the uses needed.

Hardwood,  from oak, Tropical hardwoods  from  Mahogony, are becoming rare as it is cut for timber.

As much as we need wood for making our lives easy, the rest of the forest dies to when trees are cut down in such large quantities.

The life cycle of animals is dying.

With wood  we have good furniture, with having trees we also have shade and gives beauty to our environment.

Half the world’s remaining rain forests will be gone if it is still being cut down in this rate of today.

Every living creature on earth has to survive as we humans do in some way,  as we all live off something for luxury or peace.  Cutting down of trees, should allow for new ones to grow and with some effort  to give all trees time for growth before chopping it down.


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