Agression( a way to control anger)

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What is the concept of agression?  This is when any form of behaviour is intended to harm or injure some person, oneslf, or an object.

Instrumental aggression,  this is the intentional use of harmful behaviour, so one can achieve his real goal. 

Hostile aggression,  the intentional use of harmful behaviour, is triggered by anger, in which the good is simply to cause an injury or death to the victim.

Men and women differ in one important kind of aggression, that is physical aggression.  There are different  sides to aggression in a man and woman.  Verbal aggression, is for women and physical aggression for men.  Aggression is caused if provoked by the other person.

Some feel it is  a positive experience to resort to physical aggression. Although people appear to be involved in physical aggression, but they also may engage in more indirect aggression such as spreading bad or false stories about others, or revealing someone’s secrets.

Irritability, is when a person just explodes at the slightest query.

Rumination, this is  when feeligs are retained of anger about any issues.

Emotional susceptibility, this is  when one experiences discomfort and inadequacy.  People who are highly aggressive have a hard time controlling their emotions. They tend to have quick tempers.

Levels of aggression varies, in humans, Frustration causes aggression,  revenge has a cause and when in use of weapons with rage.

Some people can control their aggression with being sociable.  Children are much more likely to imitate the aggression behaviour of an adult model if the adult had been rewarded rather than punished.


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