Colds and Flus

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The sneezing, coughing, and aching lying down, can make you feel tired and ill.

Soup it up,  hot chicken soups,  can break up congestion,  and thin out mucous secretions.

Wash your hands, cold viruses are spread by touching infected respiratory secretions on someone’s skin or on a surface, like a doorknob, by a handshake with someone who has a cold or flu, and then touching your eyes or mouth.

Get steamed up,  If a stuffy nose is making you miserable, have a hot shower,  moist air,  can temporarily, clear your nasal passages, this allows you to breathe easily.  Add boiling water in bowl,  and chamomile flowers, lean over it,  and,  inhale the steam, for extra relief.  This helps for sore throats too.

Drink plenty of fluids, this  is very important to get plenty of fluids,  when you have a cold or the flu.  This is to prevent you from being dehydrated.    Have some vitamin C, you can have citrus fruit,  and sweet red peppers.

Go bananas,  bananas are delicious, and loaded with folic acid, potassium, magnesium and fibre, it can help stop a cough.

Zinc is another nutrient, for colds, also, make some friends, connecting with people, makes you less likely to catch a cold.

Sinus colds can be treated by having plenty of fluids, sleeping as much as you can,  in the day,   as it can be tiring and you tend to have a very blocked nasal passage.  Antibiotics is the other option.

To have hot tea with lemon,  is also a good way to treat colds and flus.


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