Learn the basics of playing a guitar.

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Here are 9 tips to learn how to play the guitar. Follow these points carefully as you may need to re-read to understand the full extend.

  1. Obtain a good guitar which will not prevent your capacity of study. I saw many examples where the guitar is the problem, not the student. You ensure that the action and the playability (distance from the cord to the neck) of the guitar are good and that it intonated correctly (the bridge adjusted the cords thus are the correct length) or you will have to grant and play the problems which are not your defect. Also learning on the light cords from measurement is advised to stop the constraint of finger which it is worth to pay some additional dollars to have the setup `of guitar before your beginning to play.
  2. Obtain a good professor or at least a good DVD which explains the methods of study in a simple and easy way and will ensure you cheek of the songs of `or at least of the front of `in the first lesson. Avoid learning the balances being tedious and the exercises which will demotivate you. Those can be made later. Try to learn individually (one on one) rather than in a situation from group.
  3. Practise daily during at least 10 minutes, and always practise what you bevel the play rather than what you can differently you will not progress. Try to learn from the simple versions of the songs which you know thus you can sing length (even if it is right in your spirit) with the song.
  4. Learn a mixture of the cords, notes simple, balances and front even with the first phases of study. It is important to develop your technique and forces in the finger and the wrist.
  5. Have the guitar, if possible, on a stand where it is easily accessible, thus you will want to often take it. If it is in a case under the bed you will forget him. If it is beside the TV you will select it to the top moreover more often
  6. Use a metronome or even a machine of basic drum thus you can remain in time and develop a direction of rate/rhythm. It is one of the most neglected fields study and often of the greatest cause of bad habits later in the progress of a student.
  7. Try to learn from the songs which you appreciate and in a model you like. It is useless to play of the songs of Metallica if you like Bob Dylan. However its step a bad idea to learn from new models but stick so that you know and like at least in the beginning.
  8. With any kind of the device of recording (MP-3. I thimble etc), are recorded and listened again with it. Anyhow terrible it can resound it will improve your desire and your capacity to better play. Also if you want to play the guitar of wire, the play above a recorded part of rate/rhythm thus have you a musical support to play. This will improve your capacity soloe spectacularly.
  9. Place a stop watch or a timer during 3 minutes and continue to play without stopping, seem easy? You test it! It is much more difficult than you think. The majority of the students play on average during approximately 30 seconds before stopping and beginning again.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you learnt something.


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