Coping with a job loss

How to Cope With a Job Loss, Girls

Everyone knows about the world wide recession; but it actually doesn’t hit you till it hits you! So if you are the one to have lost the job. There is still hope at the end of the tunnel. Don’t despair folks! The way out of this is to “Think” your way out!

For starters, think about ways and means to get another job and don’t go about feeling miserable about the lost one.

Even if you have been caught off guard and your coping mechanisms are working full throttle to help you survive this crisis…Keep cool and do not PANIC.

Here are some handy tips on how to survive a job loss, dearies

1. Take  a deep breath an redo your CV. Add your last job in the “Experience “ section and start browsing the net. Begin posting your CV wherever you find anything interesting.

2. Accept it gracefully and the sooner you accept the better it is. Shake yourself up from a state of disbelief and denial and do not harbor any ill will against your previous employer.

Know for sure that if he could, he would have retained you. Employers need good workers as much as employees need a job! So understand and move on; this will only come if you accept your Pink Slip and move on!

3. Although you may be tempted to get into self-pity and feeling “inadequate” just remind yourself that businesses are failing and people all over the globe are losing their jobs! YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! I know it is a rather skewed way of seeing things but if it gives you some comfort…then why not?

4. Don’t get overwhelmed by the rising bills. For the time being till you get a new job, try not to think about the bills to be paid and concentrate on getting a new job!

5. Losing a job can be a terrible ordeal and more so if we get our self-worth from the job we hold. It can cause depression or add to it if you are already troubled. In such a situation just remember what STEPHAN HAWKING has to say about your problems,” Your problems are just a blip on the earth which is a rather small planet on the outskirts of an average galaxy amongst several thousand galaxies in the universe”. Makes your problems really miniscule, doesn’t it?

6. Talk about it. If however you are feeling very negative and miserable, then talk to a trusted friend or relative and just let it out of your system.

No point in carrying unnecessary dead-weight!

7. Start a new job search. Obviously! You know this one; don’t you? The sooner you begin the sooner you’ll get one!

  • Do some research on the internet ,
  • read job listings and
  • post your resume online,
  • visit employment agencies
  • Network with people and let them know you are looking for a job.

Send out your resume to employers who have job openings that may interest you.

Don’t allow yourself to be engulfed by negative feelings of self-pity, worthlessness, anger, bitterness and etc.

Remember, “There is no lock in the world that does not have a key and no problem that doesn’t have a solution.

So, girls. Keep your chin-up and keep walking

P.S- This write up is dedicated to my ex-employer Mrs. Savita Dutta for her encouragement and wise words!

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