Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have a Girlfriend?

One of the most popular sports figures in the entire world at this moment is Cristiano Ronaldo. The young man from Portugal plays for Manchester United and even at a young age is a force in the global soccer scene. The search engines light up on a daily basis with people searching interested to answer the question does Cristiano Ronaldo have a girlfriend? Well to answer to the question does Cristiano Ronaldo have a girlfriend is short and sweet.

Cristiano Ronaldo does have a girlfriend and her name is Nereida Gallardo. She is a Spanish model and let me tell you that she is a major babe. In the past he has dated several models and celebrities including Gemma Atkinson. I guess there are some perks to being one of the most successful young soccer players in the world. In 2008 he won the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

So the question has been asked does Cristiano Ronaldo have a girlfriend? Now you have the answer as he has been dating Nereida Gallardo for over a year now at this moment. One of the more interesting young stars recently turned down what would’ve been a record breaking contract worth mega-millions from Real Madrid.

Regardless of where he plays or if he does have a girlfriend future is very bright. Let’s just hope that the relationships off the field don’t distract him from his soccer career. But then again like with most things in life it’s good to have an escape every once and awhile.

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