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Getting more people to follow you on twitter may be difficult and very hard at first. However it seemingly gets easy if people that follow you enjoy what you have to write/say and hence it becomes a snowball effect.

The idea is very simple, the more people you follow on twitter, the more people will follow you back. The general rule of thumb is you need to follow 10 people to get 1 follower back. However in some cases you can get a huge amount of followers depending on how good your content is and how likeable you are. Personality plays a big part, and if people like you more people will follow you, simple.

Another important thing is to update regularly. I mean don’t over do it, but update once a while so people know what youre doing. Updating your status and putting interested messages throughout the day or week will give you an excellence chance to appear more and hopefully attract more people to follow you!

Other ways include using your websites or blogs to help promote your twitter account. Generally people who visit your website and or blog are interested in what you have to say and your content. So don’t be ashamed and maybe put  a link to your twitter account or do a shamless plug about it, generally its a good way to attract more followers.

If you do have a blog, I would recommend using an application known as Twitterfeed. This app is able to inform Twitter about your latest posts on your blog website and it will automatically post it as an update on your Twitter account, this saves you time and hopefully gets you more visitors in the process.

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